hm, hello.

First things first: I have no idea how to get around a blog. Seriously, I’ve shared them with friends before, and I just tagged along to what they did – I never actually had one on my own. Considering I’m totally out of ideas for a first post and I’m still trying to find my way around wordpress, I’ll just leave a song I’m slowly addicting myself to, considering this is supposed to be about music, movies, books and all of that.

It’s that Kid Cudi song Pursuit of Happiness, featuring MGMT and Ratatat, that can be found in his amazing album Man on the Moon.

(mp3) Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness


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One Response to “hm, hello.”

  1. Georgia Says:

    primeiro dia de férias,
    sem necessidade de expressões sérias.
    mas que momento tão esperado,
    de poder ficar a semana toda morgado.

    segundo dia, saindo kazamiga,
    não enfrentará uma face roxa inimiga.
    só comendo sorvete e indo ao cinema,
    forget the “which homework first” dilemma.

    terceiro dia, puta que pariu,
    meia noite e tu nem sequer saiu.
    o que mesmo eu esperava tão ansiosamente?
    pelo menos dia 26 começam as aulas finalmente.

    the feeling that gave birth to this blog.

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