now that’s what I call an indie cover!

Supposedly released waaay back in July of 2005, Now That’s What I Call an Indie Cover! Volume 1 is, in all sense of the word, impossible to find online (some people in even question its existence). It was up on You Ain’t No Picasso for a very short period of time, only until August if I’m not mistaken, and was taken down really quickly. Too quickly. It’s this great album that I’d buy anytime if it was an easy find, where lots of great bands covered certain tunes of bands like The Who, Queen, ABBA, REM, and even Outkast, Avril Lavigne, and 50 Cent.

Some of the covers are literally NOT downloadable, that’s the conclusion I came to – however, some of them were findable and are pretty fun covers of the tracks. They’re all live, so the quality varies – Sufjan Stevens‘s  cover of REM has a better quality than Tilly and the Wall‘s cover of Outkast. It’s not something you’d always listen to considering the lack of editing, but it’s interesting to check out and I really, really hope to be able to find the album out there sometime.

(mp3) Sufjan Stevens – The One I Love (REM cover)

(mp3) Tilly and the Wall – Hey Ya (Outkast cover)

(mp3) The Flaming Lips – Under Pressure (Queen & Bowie cover)

Check out the complete list of covers here!


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One Response to “now that’s what I call an indie cover!”

  1. Car Says:

    i’ve heard that flaming lips cover before its great

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