To be honest, I didn’t know that I’d be dealing with one of the most surprising bands out there when I fell in love with Fanfarlo while reading their article in Spin Magazine. I read all about their passion for literature and their disinterest in falling into the typical stereotype of the usual beer-drinking, party-animal indie band. I listened to their music and fell in love with the Beirut-meets-Arcade-Fire sound, and it was just a swirl of charm that took me over and left a week later, when I came across some other band.

However, in their last concert of their 26-show tour, located in NYC’s Webster Hall, there was nothing they could have done to add on even more to the shock factor of those who were present. Apparently, the band decided to reproduce the whole act of a man in a straightjacket plummeting from the ceiling held by lighting cables – for those of you that have watched their The Walls Are Coming Down video, you have an idea of what that would look like. That’s actually how the concert was opened – I’m surprised they even managed to reestablish some organization in the crowd after such a grandiose greeting. Supposedly the man strung up is a magician named Michael Lee.

This is just more proof that Fanfarlo is the one of the best indie bands out there – biased, yet true! If you haven’t checked out their tracks yet, don’t miss the ones posted here and drop by Youtube to check out their available music videos, they’re all great.

(mp3) The Walls Are Coming Down – Fanfarlo

(mp3) Ghost – Fanfarlo


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