Le Miel Du Mois: worthy mixtape.

I’m not a huge fan of these mixtapes/compilations people put together and post out there in their blogs and websites, with a few exceptions. However, the website Et Musique Pour Tous that I surprisingly only found a couple of days back offers these amazing mixtapes every month. They’re each pretty long, and each month has a different feel to it – it’s amazing how Steph Lund is able to make a refreshing sound in each one by a whole new variation of music. The best thing about the tapes it is that you end up discovering all these new bands that fit perfectly with those you already loved before.

The mixtape made for January of this new year had a bit of a different path from the previous ones (that tend to feature things like NMH, Friendly Fires, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, The xx, La Roux, Gainsbourg, Glasser, etc). It was waaay more upbeat and soaked in glorious electronic tunes (according to Steph, “Long live disco. Long live the dancefloor”) from all these different places, like Danish dance-punk electro WhoMadeWho, Berlin duo Bodi Bill, and Turkish electro dance band Vega.

Worth mentioning is Ladyhawke, a close sound to La Roux, Florence + the Machine (her voice is just something else), shoegaze-y Lookbook (who have numbered opinions in their LastFm page claiming that “cave beats” are the best and basslines/guitars should be singable), and Tory y Moi, chill electronic like Washed Out (<3), Memory Tapes, and Neon Indian.

Check out and download the full mixtape here. Don’t forget to see all of the other editions because they’re all fantastic.


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  1. Bad Veins « Says:

    […] recommendation by Steph Lund, a friend from Et Musique Pour Tous (that I’ve already talked about) and forthebeat. She’s working with them and I couldn’t help but check it out – […]

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