dadahack’s Hellos EP

In my opinion, there are only certain specific moments that call for the abuse of raw house-and-electronica tunes – not all scenarios fit in with their vibrating, nonstop-pulse sensations. But maybe that’s just me. Whenever these moments come for you, though, here’s something to dive headfirst in:

It may be a new project, with a quirky new name that not many people have yet heard of – however, dadahack is truly anything but unknown. It’s composed of producers James Banbury and Pete Davis, who have previously worked with artists like Bloc Party (Banbury supposedly worked in A Weekend in the City on string arrangements and cello) and Gwen Stefani. I found them over at discodust a couple of days ago and I have to say, they’re great for those moments of desperate electro urge; “Hello Dust”, for example, offers a six-minute hypnosis guided by Hannah Robinson’s soft, constantly repeated vocals (“days turn to dust” is what I make of them), alongside a pulsating, get-on-your-dancing-shoes-you-sexy-little-swine beat that seems to keep going within you till after the song stops. Their EP Hellos is available in their website, as well as a listen of Fuzzy Dunlop,  seemingly future track of their full-release album TAP3.

It also seems they’re preparing more remixes to release in a near future, those of which might include names like Ellie Goulding and Erik Hassle. That’s enough to keep me yearning for more house+disco+electronica  workout goodness.

Don’t let the 11-minute Freelance Hellraiser remix of “Hello”, also included in the EP, slip by unnoticed either.

(mp3) Hello Dust – dadahack

(mp3) Hello (Freelance Hellraiser remix) – dadahack


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