You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when listening to people like Justin Vernon and Elliott Smith? I mean, he’s no Between the Bars or Hazelton (not yet at least), but all he does sure produces the same tingling sensation.

Peasant is one-man band Damien DeRose who, after graduating, sunk into the music & literature grounds and, according to his page in, writes and records in his own bedroom and is set out to release a new album March 2nd, Shady Retreat.I definitely wouldn’t expect any less of his upcoming record than what I’ve heard fear not, distant lover and the two previously-released samples from the former record itself;  it’s set to become a blend of recently-acquired studio knowledge and his previous friendliness with do-it-yourself music in his beginning years.

DeRose’s not exactly unknown in the music industry, but hasn’t been listened to enough – I mean, the way he plays his guitar, it’s almost like he’s flirting with it. With a honeyed voice and delicious, captivating plucking, his sound is the type of acoustic you listen to before falling asleep, with a darling charm about it that just makes dreaming all that better.

(mp3) The End – Peasant

(mp3) Well Alright – Peasant

(mp3) Into the Woods – Peasant


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