Miike Snow’s bonus track

I have no idea how many people even know about this, how common it is, but I only found it out yesterday. Apparently, Miike Snow’s self-titled 2009 album has a bonus track to it, released in the UK version of the CD that isn’t even in the band’s Wiki page. I was searching for Billie Holiday in the Hype Machine since I had been listening to her all weekend long, and was in search of any interesting remix of one of her songs that would be appropriate for this blog but still captured the essence of Lady Day. I didn’t find anything (Frank Sinatra gets one and Billie doesn’t, this is absurd), but I did find a handful of blogs talking about Miike Snow’s “Billie Holiday” bonus track. My heart’s still set on “Animal”, but this track has an amazing feel to it. It’s a tripping sing-along with clear-cut lyrics and a downbeat-electro swirl; someone like Fred Falke or The Twelves could easily make this a dancefloor-worthy gem, with its catchy chorus blaring through the speakers in a drunken, almost sexy atmosphere.

(mp3) Billie Holiday – Miike Snow



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