ezequiel ezequiel

Talk about highly underrated… if you ever decide to stop by ezequiel ezequiel‘s last.fm page, well, don’t – there’s nothing to be seen. It’s just another huge mystery to me as to why he’s not talked about, why no one even knows his name, but that won’t keep me from loving his sound.

He’s one-man band Ezequiel Claverie, and I’m not even sure where he’s from – according to his myspace page, it’s Argentina, but I’ve heard London elsewhere. Regardless, what I’ve heard of him so far is so unbelievably gentle and delicate, it’s like some sort of porcelain sound. Up From the Mountain is a more wasted composition, while Raise the Dead owns my heart with its acoustic background, his soft, wintry vocals, and the almost sad atmosphere created by these two together. Winter Rise is his most played track thus far, being a gorgeous, nearly 5-minute piece with a slow yet sure beginning, a simple beat and a constant underlying softness. It’s what I’d have leaking through my headphones late at night, in preferably colder weather tied to a low yet reflective inner mood.

You can stream other gems off his free Winter Rise EP from his myspace page, including track Dear Permafrost, whose initial drumming reminds me so much of There There by Radiohead.

(mp3) Raise the Dead – ezequiel ezequiel

(mp3) Up from the Mountain – ezequiel ezequiel

(mp3) Winter Rise – ezequiel ezequiel



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