Lawrence Arabia

James Milne is love on prozac. His songs make me as happy as an Of Montreal tune, as a Jónsi release, as swirling Passion Pit beats… There’s just something about him.

James Milne is Lawrence Arabia of New Zealand, and I just had to express my gratitude for discovering him. His sound is entirely coated with a surplus of joy, with some sort of tangible comfort –  his beats, his horns, all of the instruments he squeezes together in his songs, in fact, are filled with passion and topped with a deliciously syrupy voice. He sounds like he’s having fun while he plays, you can almost feel his smile through his words, and I like hearing things like that.

His January album, Chant Darling, proves that nothing should be judged by its cover: the dark, grey portrait of a man in what can only be said as a threatening solitude is an incredible mislead to what’s packed inside. In fact, it’s the complete opposite: his songs are all so pretty, so get-up-your-chair-and-sing, such a good company for summer, that it’s seriously almost like he’s mocking the man in the album cover.

I’m trying every torrent imaginable to get my hands on his shiny little gem of a record. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with what I’ve collected thus far – bliss shimmering at its best.

(mp3) The Beautiful Young Crew – Lawrence Arabia

(mp3) Apple Pie Bed – Lawrence Arabia


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