Chinese Christmas Cards

Before talking about these guys, I just want to say that I wish all the best to Mark Linkous’ family, and that his contribution to the musicsphere through Sparklehorse will never be forgotten.

So, anyways. I still haven’t been able to update myself enough – my weekend was just as busy as my week! But my friend over at Soundheard showed me something I loved today, and it’s definitely what I’m going to share here.

Chinese Christmas Cards hail from Barcelona and they’re pretty much unknown and unsigned – only 185 listeners in so far! Though they only have one serious hit, they make music out of passion for it, writing and composing tunes in a little room filled with guitars, synths and computers. They claim to mix song-writing and electronic qualities in their songs, and you can single out both details in Welcome to Life, where the feel-good lyrics, the Postal Service-ish (in my humble opinion) beat, and the incredibly catchy guitar can seriously make you dance out in your room. It’s a stereotypical mood-lifting gem; “welcome to life, welcome to feelings, everything is beautiful…”

(mp3) Welcome to Life – Chinese Christmas Cards

[EDIT] Their second song, an amazing 5-minute joyride:

(mp3) No Radar no Phone – Chinese Christmas Cards



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