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Bilal’s cover of “High and Dry”


With today’s  heap of attempts by bands to cover, remix, and create mashups out of other bands’ singles, there’ll definitely be a lot of junk available out there – you know you have to hold on to a good cover when you find one. I found one of those today, a gem released way back in 2006 by jazz singer Bilal Oliver along with Pete Kuzma: an impeccably jazzy, gorgeously soulful version of Radiohead‘s “High and Dry”, first single of The Bends. Though it maintains a tad of the original’s natural melancholic tone (considering the lyrics, it’s hard not to), it focuses mainly on loosening up the flow and abusing of a beat that really gives the song more life. From the beautifully-crafted saxophone explosions to the back vocals burbling with passion, there’s nothing about this cover that’s not to love.

(mp3) High and Dry – Bilal feat. Pete Kuzma

(mp3) High and Dry – Radiohead