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the pressure de-pressure depression


I haven’t blogged for about a week and I’ve been having serious issues with this. I haven’t even checked Pitchfork in a week; the situation’s that bad. Today’s been the first time I could even breathe before having to go to sleep, or the first time I’m going to be able to afford sleeping at all – I couldn’t even write about something I wanted to since sunday.

For obvious school/pressure/depression reasons, I have no songs to share, at least for today; friday’s probably promising to be an all-updating music day. I’m thinking about putting together the songs I’ve most been listening to and compiling them, perhaps.

Meanwhile, I’d just like to share with whoever still reads this that I went to the Coldplay concert here Sunday. I’m not the biggest Coldplay fan, though I do think Chris Martin is really adorable when he’s alone embracing the piano. Nonetheless, it was one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever attended. I’m not saying it was better than Radiohead or anything of the kind, but it was truly a breathtaking performance. I’ve never seen something as gorgeous as the explosion of neon-coloured plastic butterflies that were exploded through multiple air tunnels, allowing them to hover all over our heads – regardless of where in the audience we were. Everything was pink, the screen images were amazingly touching, all was in sync. And, of course, there was the naturally lovely Yellow performance with gigantic yellow balloons being thrown around and deep-yellow lights enveloping us in a hypnotic environment that I wish I had never left. Especially when they moved to the little stage to the right to play Shiver and, well, I was right in front of it.

I miss this blog and I miss new music… Tomorrow?