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jj n° 3!


According to Pitchfork and Sincerely Yours, jj are letting slip two new songs off their future album, jj n° 3, and I don’t think I could be more excited about it. There’s a reason why Pitchfork loved jj so much last year (“they manage to be pretty, touching, funny, and motivating, in different ways, in all the right places“)… There’s nothing about their strangely familiar-sounding yet smooth-sailing rhythm, their sampling of the hip-hop culture, and their gently electronic melody (and, of course, Elin Kastlande’s honey-sweet, saccharine vocals) that’s not to love.

If jj n° 2 wasn’t good enough for you last year, here’s “Let Go” and bonus track “My Way”.

Personally, “Let Go” is the sort of song that calms you down a few notches with its entirely pleasing melodic composition. It’s like it’s stirring with a peculiarly self-collected passion yet definitely soothing sound, smoothed out on all edges and designed to make you feel amazingly better about whatever’s stressing you. It’s like a shoulder massage, I swear.

“My Way” isn’t exactly the opposite, but by borrowing Lil Wayne‘s entire rapping off Trina‘s “Don’t Trip”, it has a whole different feel to it. It also samples Charles Manson’s creepy-ass speech like jj did in “5 minuter med JJ”… but it’s actually my favourite off the two tracks and it really has to be in the album.

(mp3) Let Go – jj

(mp3) My Way – jj

The tracklisting for jj n° 3:

01 My Life
02 And Now
03 Let Go
04 Into the Light
05 Light
06 Voi Parlate, Io Gioco
07 Golden Virginia
08 You Know
09 I Know *
10 No Escapin’ This


(many) quick updates

  • Brother Sport’s music video: Trippy from beginning to end, like would be expected from anything Animal Collective touches. Featuring face-painted, dressed-up kids and bright-coloured images of… everything. Check out the video at the end of the post.
  • Hooray for Earth: I discovered them in forthebeat today and listened to one single song off their Momo EP. It was enough for an instant sympathy with this incredibly inviting band, perhaps due to its somewhat soothing vocals and comforting tune. The EP is downloadable in eMusic here, and is due on the 12th – can’t wait to be able to indulge in their other tracks if they’re anything like this one. Download the mp3 at the end of the post.
  • Contra by Vampire Weekend: Amazing. That’s all I can say. Exciting sing-along anthems with a bit of everything: electronic beats, thump-y and remarkable African-style drumming, various rhythms with layering guitars, piano, violins… And, of course, the fantastically feel-good vocals of Ezra Koenig. I don’t think it’s even officially out yet – it’s due on the 11th/12th – but it’s available for hearing in their website. Download the mp3 at the end of the post.
  • Bradford Cox’s blog: Check out his available download featuring Christmas Synths from Atlas Sound. Six minutes of raw downbeat and chilly.
  • Liars’s upcoming Sisterworld‘s Bonus CD: Liars, a three-piece New York-based band, will feature artists like Thom Yorke, Tunde Adebimpe, Blonde Redhead, and Bradford Cox in the bonus CD of their new album, with exclusive remixes of tracks for reinterpretation.

  • Yellow Bird Project: For those of you that are passionate enough for charity, don’t let this project pass by unnoticed. Yellow Bird offers exclusive deals on artist-selected merchandise to benefit uncountable charities out there. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Rebirth by Lil Wayne for February?: Some tracks have already leaked because of a complicated shipping incident by Amazon (what’s new?), but I try to avoid listening to tracks of albums like these before an official release – mostly because it usually breaks down its essence and isn’t fully edited yet. So for those that haven’t yet touched this highly-anticipated record, let’s see if the time has finally come.

(video) Brother Sport – Animal Collective

(mp3) Surrounded By Your Friends – Hooray for Earth

(mp3) California English – Vampire Weekend