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To me, this is just further proof of how unbearably unfair the music business is nowadays. While terrible bands that produce nothing beyond noise pollution at its worst are capable of ascending to fame and fortune in the quickest manner, bands that are amazing are, unfortunately, not. This is the case of Dakotafish, one-man-band Mike Fish with collaborations from Coliz Arthur and Jennifer Argenti. They produce music in a small studio in rural California, and I only found them by what would only be a “mistake”: clicking on the wrong link in and being then led to his page accidentally. But I did give them a try after all, and I have to hand it to them: they’re amazing together. For starters, Mike Fish – creator, singer, and instrumentalist – sounds like Thom Yorke. Yes, he often sounds like freaking Thom Yorke! Can someone tell me why this guy hasn’t hit instant fame already?!

Then there’s the systematic beats intertwined with the orchestral Sigur Rós-quality of instrumental arrangement that’s simply a delight to listen to. I mean, for Radiohead fans out there, this is a strong recommendation; Teenage Years, for example, starts off with a carefully-plucked acoustic and a masterful Yorke voice, with almost as much talent in reaching the farthest pitches as Radiohead’s own.

Dakotafish are giving away two free songs in their website (I haven’t yet tried to download anything else, I don’t know how easy that’ll be), so why the hell not try it out?