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Mumford & Sons


I’ve been completely off the radar for the last few weeks and now it’s been crazy with school and the overload of work that comes along with it, but I still feel a little empty if I don’t touch this blog for so long. I have literally zero time to post anything, but I guess that’s how much I’ve been liking this band – enough to talk about it in this homework whirlwind!

Now, I have to admit I haven’t listened to more than three songs by them off their album Sigh No More; it’s just one of those bands that you fall in love with so thoroughly and quickly that you can’t pick up your iPod without prioritizing them, and that’s pretty much an amazing sign. They’re a folk-y rock London-based foursome with irresistible lyrics and impeccably fingered banjos; my favourite by them, Winter Winds, is a nearly four-minute delight of sheer optimism and happiness at its purest state. It also seems like a gem right off a Beirut album, which is – personally – a huge plus. It’s not their only good song (far from it), but I’m being driven by a unique  adoration towards it.

After a brief 12-minute indulgence in probably their top three songs, including Little Lion Man and White Blank Page, it’s so evident how powerful Marcus Mumford’s vocals are, seducing you into the beautifully-crafted orchestra and dragging you out with an ending just as grandiose.

(mp3) Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons