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I feel like a child forgotten by his parents in FAO Schwartz.

PS: Angelakos, marry me?


Passion Pit + Skins


WOW, talk about being disconnected from the music world. Or just the world in general… Fortunately, when you spend so much time tuned out of new things out there, you’ll likely have good news when you come back. In my case, it’s finding out that Passion Pit will be part of the soundtrack of the new season of Skins in the UK.  I mean, Passion Pit + Skins? That’s definitely a win.

It’s not an original song though, but I heard it today and it’s still amazing: it’s the Bubblegum Sci-fi remix of “The Reeling”. Don’t just let it go by as “another Passion Pit cover”, it’s actually pretty amazing. It coats the song with a whole new vibe of electro and a get-your-ass-to-the-dancefloor spin. Watch the Skins video here.

(mp3) The Reeling (Bubblegum Scifi remix) – Passion Pit

Passion Pit revisited


It probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m still undergoing an insane Passion Pit craze since Manners came out and solidified my adoration for their unique, happy-go-lucky sound. Driven by the obsession, I started going through some files I downloaded a while ago and had, for some reason, forgotten to add to my iTunes list. I found this cover of Sleepyhead performed by Brighton band The Mummers that came out May of last year and gave it another try. It doesn’t even border the overall magnificence of the original, but I thought it was an interesting way to reinterpret the sound of the song, with the beautiful vocals of Raissa Khan-Panni substituting Angelakos’  falsettos and a more orchestral quality approach. It’s not a new cover, but it’s definitely worth revisiting.

I’m also including The White Pandas mashup of Passion Pit with TI in “What You Know About Little Secrets”, you know, just for the sake of the sound.

(mp3) Sleepyhead – The Mummers vs. Passion Pit

(mp3) What You Know About Little Secrets – The White Pandas

can’t believe it’s a new decade.


YAY, finally! I love New Years, it always gives off this feel of changes and resolutions, and even though it’s not true, people at least think they can do anything and become anything they want – and that’s enough to have a more positive energy going around. For some reason, New Years always makes me stop to think, too, and evaluate things… maybe look into some quotes or novels with deep meanings that give me an inspiration for changing or something insane of the sort.  And for that I found this interesting website with the best musical quotes ever, it’s really cute.

Anyways, for the vicious readers of this blog (I’m sure there are billions out there), I don’t have that much to post, but really wanted to say something in the first day of the year and am thus forced to share the few material I have. Not bad ones, though, I looove them!

First of all, it’s this cover of Kids from MGMT by The Kooks: pretty much all the happiness of an ordinary MGMT song, with all its bubbly vibe, with the orgasmic accent of our dearest Luke Pritchard, who has made the song a little less electro and a little more guitar-friendly.

Secondly, I found this Passion Pit remix of the song Sleepyhead made by Ring Trick; now, I usually dislike most Passion Pit (and Phoenix, for that matter) remixes out there, because I think the sound is already too original and unique and is just sort of  ‘ruined’  when messed with. This one, however, doesn’t necessarily ruin it (it’s not better than the original though, of course) but transforms in into a more dance-y tune, with a more choppy rhythm and less of the high-pitched Angelakos vocals that could make the tune more proper for parties, perhaps. Same applies to the Redial remix of Phoenix’s Lisztomania, that added on an extra beat.

Thirdly, I missed out on watching Mos Def’s new music video for Supermagic, song from the 2009 album The Ecstatic, last year. Haha it’s such a homedawg video, that’s all I can say.

(mp3) The Kooks – Kids (MGMT cover)

(mp3) Phoenix – Lisztomania (Redial remix)

(mp3) Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Ring Trick remix)

(video) Mos Def – Supermagic

Oh, and! Happy new year :)

(mp3) Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year