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Passion Pit revisited


It probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m still undergoing an insane Passion Pit craze since Manners came out and solidified my adoration for their unique, happy-go-lucky sound. Driven by the obsession, I started going through some files I downloaded a while ago and had, for some reason, forgotten to add to my iTunes list. I found this cover of Sleepyhead performed by Brighton band The Mummers that came out May of last year and gave it another try. It doesn’t even border the overall magnificence of the original, but I thought it was an interesting way to reinterpret the sound of the song, with the beautiful vocals of Raissa Khan-Panni substituting Angelakos’ ¬†falsettos and a more orchestral quality approach. It’s not a new cover, but it’s definitely worth revisiting.

I’m also including The White Pandas mashup of Passion Pit with TI in “What You Know About Little Secrets”, you know, just for the sake of the sound.

(mp3) Sleepyhead – The Mummers vs. Passion Pit

(mp3) What You Know About Little Secrets – The White Pandas