The Chairs is love.

I see them as sort of a Of Montreal-meets-NMH’s-drums, a cute boy band that hasn’t yet been totally discovered but is already adding final touches to their third album, Laugh It’s a Fright, if i’m not mistaken. I’ve only listened to some tracks of the first album, Nine Ways, as well as a cover of Bon Iver‘s Flume,  but already I adore their sound. Hopefully they’ll pick up more speed along the way and achieve higher success; it’s a sort of love-at-first-hear type of sound.

Interesting fact: Nine Ways was actually recorded in a high school classroom back in Wisconsin where the boys are from, and can be downloaded from their official website for 7 bucks or purchased (in book form!) for 12 bucks.

Charlotte Pipe appears to me as the closest thing to Of Montreal of the tracks I’ve listened, with constant drums backing incredibly Kevin Barnes-like vocals and instant feel-good guitar swirls. David is a somewhat calmer tune, nonetheless maintaining the consistent sing-along lyrics (“baby don’t you, don’t you know that you’re on fire!”) and slightly roughened by eventual sped-ups of the rhythm.

I’ve read on their Myspace that they’ve covered NMH, but I still couldn’t find it… the Bon Iver cover is impeccable, though, with an additional quirky beat but keeping the beautiful vocals intact.

(mp3) The Chairs – David

(mp3) The Chairs – Charlotte Pipe

(mp3) The Chairs – Flume (Bon Iver cover)



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