Passion Pit + Skins

WOW, talk about being disconnected from the music world. Or just the world in general… Fortunately, when you spend so much time tuned out of new things out there, you’ll likely have good news when you come back. In my case, it’s finding out that Passion Pit will be part of the soundtrack of the new season of Skins in the UK.  I mean, Passion Pit + Skins? That’s definitely a win.

It’s not an original song though, but I heard it today and it’s still amazing: it’s the Bubblegum Sci-fi remix of “The Reeling”. Don’t just let it go by as “another Passion Pit cover”, it’s actually pretty amazing. It coats the song with a whole new vibe of electro and a get-your-ass-to-the-dancefloor spin. Watch the Skins video here.

(mp3) The Reeling (Bubblegum Scifi remix) – Passion Pit


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One Response to “Passion Pit + Skins”

  1. Steph Lund Says:

    two of my favorites…i can’t wait for the new skins series to hit BBC-A

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